Are You Quick to Judge?

Every morning I enjoy walking in the canyon. Watching the sunrise helps to clear my mind and be open to divine guidance.One morning I decided to walk on the rim of the canyon instead of walking down into the canyon. There was about 30 birds flying along the pathway on top of the canyon rim. I was in awe of these magnificent birds and how graceful they flew in the sky. I was very curious what type of bird it was. I have seen ravens, crows,eagles, and many other small birds on my hikes.This was a  bird I had never seen before and was trying my best to figure it out by observing the bird. As I walked along the rim of the canyon all the birds where lined up one by one on the edge of the canyon.  Each bird would gracefully fly away as I approached them. I studied every movement they made. I even said a small prayer  asking God to keep one of the birds still so I could observe it more closely. The next bird on the rim of the canyon did not fly when I approached.( Wow! That was a quick answer to prayer!) There was something magical that occurred between the bird and me in that moment. Seeing the bird in it’s full measure of creation was so uplifting to my spirit.

When I got home the spirit I felt still lingered. My encounter with the bird was majestic and I wanted to learn more about this bird.I began researching birds and was shocked when I found out what it was!!!
It was a BIG lesson not to judge!!! Had I known what the bird was before observing it I don’t know if I would have been open to the spiritual experience it offered me. How many times in life have you made a judgement without really understanding someone or something? I know by experience you can’t accept what someone, something, or some life experience has to offer you, if you are too busy judging it.

Here is what I learned about this majestic animal.

It is symbolic of soulful cleansing, reaching a higher spiritual place, overcoming obstacles that we may encounter when trying to fly, but then soaring like an eagle when we get off the ground.

It cleanses the world bit by bit, day by day, offering itself in service, being peaceful and nonaggressive.

It is often considered less than desirable by society.

It cleans the environment and atmosphere by eating decaying animals. It purifies everything it eats and it’s feces has absolutely NO BACTERIA!

It never harms to survive.

Have you guessed what bird it is?????

I saw a turkey vulture! Wow ! I was shocked!!!! The media and society taught me to fear this beautiful animal. I began to ponder on how judgments stop us from learning and being open to something wonderful. Since that morning I have walked the canyon rim more often to spend time with the vultures. The more time I spend watching them and their purpose to be of service, clean the environment, and fly in it’s glory, the more I connect to my purpose and desire to serve. I believe nature and animals can be a mirror for us to learn more about ourselves and open up to the deeper meaning of life here on earth. I love learning about the animals that cross my path because it reminds my soul to how GREAT GOD IS!

I hope you will recognized when you are judging someone or something to stop and ponder on what is available for you to learn. Judgment creates a wall of fear, misunderstanding, and limitations in learning.

Three steps to break through judgments are:

1. Write down what judgments you are holding about yourself and others. Take time to recognize how those judgments make you feel. Write down those feelings as well. Discard the paper.
2. Take time to self reflect on how those judgments are limiting you. For example, ask yourself how much love, joy, and success you are allowing in your life because of those judgments? How much more love, joy, and success could you allow in your life if you were free from those judgments?  Are you ready to let them go?
3. Take a new piece of paper and write down the truth you discovered. You can create affirmation statements and say them out loud often.

Learning to let go of judgment is an ongoing journey When you recognize that you are in judgment, let it go and see how empowered and free you feel.

Love and light,
Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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Holidays are a Time to Reflect

December can be a stressful and busy time for most people. The holiday season is not the time to forget about your self care. Taking a few minutes to care for yourself can keep you balanced emotionally and mentally during the busy holidays. December is also a great time to reflect on the past year and focus on what you want to create for the next year. Here are some suggestions to help support you through the busy holidays:

1. Prioritize your time- When life gets busy, let go of what really doesn’t matter. Fill your day with the things that matter and make a difference. Become aware of anything that distracts you in a negative way or is a waste of time. Keeping it simple will help you get through the busy times with peace of mind.
2. Eat healthy nourishing foods- There are foods that drain our energy and food that increase our energy. Become aware of what you are eating and how you feel afterwards. Too much sugar and fat in your diet can drain your energy and cause weight gain. It can also have a negative effect on your emotional well being. Eating lots of raw fruits and vegetable, making smoothies, and juicing will help support you to  feel energized through the holiday season and all year round.
3.Meditate- Stay inspired daily through meditation. Meditation supports you by feeling your connection to God. This connection allows us feel balanced emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
4.Self Reflect- You can self reflect through meditation, journal writing, and walking in nature. Ponder on what you learned through out the year and who you became in the process.Take the time to REALLY honor the journey you have been on the  past year.It is also good to let go of any negative thoughts or feelings you are still holding onto. Don’t carry them into the new year. Let them go so you can create something new and different.
5.Nourish your spirit- Giving and receiving allows us to be open and connect with others. Reflect on what you want to give and receive that does not cost money. Allow the SPIRIT of giving and receiving to touch your heart and the heart of others.

I wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Love and blessings,
Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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Celebrate the Love You Are

“To love another person is to see the face of God” ~ Les Miserables
February is the month to celebrate love! Though I feel it is to be celebrated daily, it is a wonderful time to reflect and do something special for those we love. I usually buy a special treat for my children and make one of our favorite meals. I will also do something special for myself. Valentines is a  special time to celebrate and let those I love know how much I love them.

I have some self-reflection questions for you this Valentines.  Have you included YOU in your Valentines celebrations”? Will you be doing anything special to celebrate who you are and what you have to give others? When we give to others we are sharing a part of ourselves. Whether we give through a gift, a kind gesture, or share our affection, it is an extension of who we are. We are celebrating and sharing the love we are with others.It is also wonderful to receive from others. The perfect balance of giving and receiving allows us to feel whole and complete. It reminds us of the divine love within us that is eternally connected to God.

Self Criticism and negative thoughts create a barrier to love. Love can’t get in or out.  When we have a deep sense of self love, we can genuinely love those around us completely and without conditions. Self criticism spills over into your relationships like poison. Learning to master your self talk takes lots of practice! As you are persistent with mastering your thoughts by choosing the positive ones, the love that you are will shine brighter!

If you struggle with self criticism here are some steps to help you release them and become free:

1. Write down three negative thoughts that continue to pull you down and block you from giving and receiving more love?
2. Reflect on how long you have had these thoughts. How old were you when you started to believe them? Who did you hear them from?
3. Reflect on how these thoughts make you feel. Write down your feelings on the paper.
4 Ask yourself if the negative feelings are serving you in anyway? Then reflect on how you are being limited buy believing these negative thoughts and feelings.Are you ready to let them go?
5. Write down on a separate piece of paper what positive thoughts you want to choose to believe about yourself, about love, and who you are.
6. Destroy the paper with the negative thoughts. You can burn it, tear it up, or crumble it up and put it in the trash. Allow yourself to be aware of what you feel in your body when you do this.
7. Repeat your positive thoughts out loud ten times. Notice how your body feels when you do this.
8. Repeat this as often as needed to get rid of negative thoughts.

This is one of the most powerful tools I share with my coaching clients to help them break free from self criticism. It has been a powerful tool in my life and allows me to celebrate who I am and express who I am in the world freely. I share this with you because I know you have an infinite amount of love within you. This world needs your love! Those around you need your love! Your love  is powerful and can make this world a better place. It begins with changing YOUR WORLD through loving yourself first. So I  invite you to let go of anything that is in the way of you fully embracing the love that you are. The time is now to celebrate who you are!

Sending my love wrapped in peace and joy!

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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Ten Top Stress Relievers

Stress can be triggered by the pressures of everyday responsibilities. Negative life events can also cause stress. Your central nervous system is in charge of your “fight or flight” response. During stressful life circumstances the hypothalamus tells your adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol. When the stress is gone the body goes back to normal. If the stress doesn’t go away or the body doesn’t go back to normal it will throw you out of balance.  Chronic stress can affect your central nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular system,digestive system,muscular system, and immune system.

The good news is that there are natural remedies to help bring your body back into balance.

Here are some of the natural remedies I keep in my medicine cabinet:
1. Natural Calm-  Natural Calm restores healthy magnesium levels and balances your calcium intake. Calcium and Magnesium are opposites. Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract, magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax. This is a powder you add to hot or cold water before you go to sleep. It also cleanses the bowels.
2. Doterra Lifelong Vitality Pack-  Doterra’s Lifelong Vitality Pack is a three part daily system of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids,and essential oils. They provide you with potent levels of essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy, and longevity. You can go to to learn more.
3.Valerian Root- Valerian Root is know for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. It has been used as a sleeping aid for hundreds of years. It is a non-addictive treatment for insomnia and has no side effects. It reduces the time it takes to fall asleep without changing the normal stages of sleep.
4.Melatonin- Melatonin is used for cancer prevention, strengthening your immune system, slowing down the aging process, and as a sleep aid.
5. 5 HTP- 5HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid and is the precursor and metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. This supplement helps increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of well being and normal sleep patterns. It is used for PMS, anxiety, depression, obesity, migraines, and insomnia.
6. B-12 Vitamins- B-12 keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy. It is a great energy booster and helps reduce depression.
7. Calm Homeopathic- Calm Homeopathic made by Hyland is great for anxiety and sleeplessness.  It is a non habit forming natural medicine. It eases your mind and body.
8.Essential oils- My favorite oils for stress are frankincense, lavender, and balance. They help with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.
9. Gemstones- Gemstones are natural tools for relieving stress, anxiety, and stress management. Gemstones for anxiety are rhodonite, onyx,mother of pearl, amethyst, and carnelian. Wearing therapeutic gemstone necklaces can help calm your mind, body, and spirit.
10. Nature Walks- Spending time outdoors can help clear your mind, calm your emotions, and lift your spirit.

These are healthy alternatives to addictive medications. These natural remedies have no side effects and support the body’s natural healing process. There is support for you through life’s challenges. Listen to your body and choose wisely.

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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I am God’s Purpose

Do you question what your purpose is on this earth? Do you feel overwhelmed or get disappointment when things don’t go as planned? Do you wonder if you are doing enough to make a difference?  I feel as though everyone has pondered some of these questions sometime in their lives. Our emotions are often signals for getting our attention to discover some truth about ourselves and our purpose.

One day I woke feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with my life. The disappointment was so heavy I felt as though it was years of hurt that had built up. I began to pray to my Heavenly Father to help me heal through his love, from these negative emotions. I became still so I could listen and become more aware of what my body was experiencing in the moment. The emotions that surfaced were feeling lost in my career and my purpose.Things I used to feel passionate about no longer motivated me. I have questioned my purpose, my career, and how to use my gifts to make a difference in the world. I began to reflect on the disappointments I had experienced and realized I needed to release any energies that still lingered around my spirit so I could become completely free, happy, and aligned with my purpose.

When emotions build up without a healthy release to is harmful to our well- being. That is why it is so important to take time everyday to acknowledge the emotions that surface from our experiences. Emotions that are not resolved can have negative effects on our mind, body, and spirit. It makes it difficult for love, light, truth, inspiration, and revelation to be given and received. It is essential to our well-being to process them in a healthy way.  I use visualization and prayer to help me release negative emotions and stay aligned with my purpose. The visualization that helps me the most is when I visualize myself in front of my Heavenly Father. Here is an example:

I prayed for my Heavenly Father to melt away all of the emotions that were surfacing  so I could see clearly. I knew if I could feel his love abundantly I would be able to feel whole again and aligned with my purpose. I wanted to feel the softness of my loving heart instead of the shell of hurt and disappointment that was lingering over my heart. I began to visualize myself in front of my Heavenly Father. The more I communicated my TRUE feelings to my Heavenly Father, the more I felt his love melt away all the disappointment and judgments I was carrying about my life. I began to see my eternal self which gave me a new perspective on life. All negative emotions and negative energy disappeared when I could continue to hold the vision of my eternal self. The Heavens opened with a vision of my Heavenly Father holding me close, with my head on his chest, and wiping away the shell of disappointment and hurt that was lingering around my spirit. He whispered to me” I see things in you that you do not see in yourself . You are my instrument even when you are not aware that you are. You have an eternal destiny. Open your eyes to where you are in this moment of eternity.”

I looked and saw my eternal self in that moment of eternity. Whatever judgments I had of myself or my life situation disappeared. I could comprehend my earth experience with clarity and peace. I could feel the light and power of the atonement clear away any darkness that afflicted my mind, body, and spirit. Through this visualization I realized that my Heavenly Father can see all things that afflict me. I could understand that there is more for me to discover about the truth of my divinity. I felt myself relax into the acceptance of my life experience on the earth. I felt more open to enjoy whatever comes. I began to FEEL like my eternal self again. The shell of hardships had melted away and my spirit felt free again. With the eyes of the spirit I saw the eternal mother that I am. It is the strongest light that radiates from my soul, not just because I have children, but because I give life!

This experience gave a renewed perspective on life. I began to reflect on how driven we become to LIVE OUR PURPOSE! We have to find our purpose. We have to live with purpose and passion. We are programmed in the healing, mentoring, and coaching communities that the purpose of life is to find your purpose, live your purpose, and help others do the same. When things didn’t go as “planned” sometimes I felt lost, confused, and wondered if I was really living my purpose. The key to having success with living your purpose is the ability to see glimpses of the eternal self. All the “things” we are suppose to do to live our purpose is not truly living our purpose. Of course our desires, actions, and works of service to make a difference in the world have immeasurable value, however, if you do not get glimpses of your eternal self , it is coming from the ego or some part of you that feels like you will never be good enough. We become doers and not BEINGS. It is finding balance in both that allows me to feel whole. I realized that understanding our purpose comes to us in layers. Deep self reflection allows us to remember our eternal self so we can get in touch with that part of who we really are. The words I share with you today are one of the  layers of my understanding in this moment in time.

There are two experiences that helped me gain a better understanding of my eternal self. The first one is where I am hidden from the world guided to  the most peculiar and unusual places to serve others or share a message of love. Sometimes I would be led to people without knowing why, however, I would experience how much love Heavenly Father had for the ONE person I was there for. For example, this week I helped a woman in a wheelchair mend her garment, hang a shelf, and organize her craft room. It took me 30 seconds to mend her garment and I thought to myself there is nothing too small  that can be done  to make a difference.This experience is humbling and rewarding. The other experience is when Heavenly Father puts me in the spotlight before the world to share a message. For example, radio interviews, speaking,blogs, social media,newsletters,and writing  books. For example, this week I am sharing an experience I had through this blog, my newsletter, and social media.This experience is also humbling to see where I’m guided to share a message that will reach many.

I have often pondered the importance of both experiences. Am I successful in living my purpose by helping many at once or one by one? I chose to detach myself from both “experiences”. I am free from ego when I am detached from my life experiences. What I mean from detached is not allowing the experience to define me but refine me. It allows me to be free to be an instrument of God. I am free to go where I am guided whenever God opens the door to opportunity. I no longer have to wonder if I am “living my purpose”. I don’t have to suffer the disappointment wondering if I am doing enough, because I am enough. All the confusion about what path to take, am I on the right path, did I take the wrong path? is gone. I no longer need to find my purpose or wonder if I am “living my purpose.” I AM GOD’S PURPOSE. I can see my eternal self, can you?

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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Dreams Come True

I have wanted to go to the Redwoods for several years. Well, an unexpected trip to California landed me right in the middle of a dream come true.Do you find yourself wondering if some of the things you want will ever happen? To be honest I ponder that question often. I wonder why somethings manifest so easily and effortlessly and why somethings take time or never manifest. What is the  secret to manifesting what you want?  I don’t have all the answers. I find that manifesting my dreams is a constant learning process with God guiding me along the way. I always leave room for his dream for me to manifest and do my best to stay out of the way. I realize I am limited in what I can see to bless my life.That is when I align myself with God’s will and surrender. There are also times when my Heavenly Father reminds me that it is essential to my spiritual progression to learn to be a creator and to manifest what I want. Balancing these two important lessons keeps my faith strong and allows me the freedom to grow as a woman of God.

Here are some of the tools I use to manifest my dreams:

1.Journal Writing- The first step in manifesting is listening to the personal revelation you receive for your life. I will begin to write out my feelings and what I am going through. Then I take time to listen to what experiences Heavenly Father would like to bring into my life and write it down in my journal. Writing is taking the spiritual(inspiration) world and bringing it into the physical(journal) world. God created everything spiritually before he created it physically.
2.Vision Board- I use a nine square vision board to list the things I want to manifest. I hand write some of the items and use photos. I put three easy items, three difficult items, and three outrageous items that seem impossible. Your vision board should have different levels so you can reach beyond your limitations and create what you think is impossible,possible. I teach this method in my coaching programs. There is scientific evidence on why this method works. I won’t go into the details with you now, however you can contact me if you would be interested in learning more about it.
3.Visualization- Guided visualization is another tool to help us manifest what we want. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between a visualization and the actual experience. It accepts both as reality. When we visualize what we want our mind, body, and spirit has that experience in that moment. It is taking that spiritual inspiration and bringing it into the physical body. We have to believe it is possible before it can happen.
4.Trust- This requires us to completely trust in ourselves, our Creator, and the angels to assist us. We have to let go and trust that it will manifest. You need to realize somethings will manifest instantly and some things take time. I have also discovered that what I want to manifest changes and I have had to learn how to be flexible. Sometimes I take things off my vision board and change it. I know God is in charge and he doesn’t want to limit me in any way. I am the one that needs to stay out of my own way and not limit myself.
5.Meditation- Learning to become still and listen to your soul through meditation helps us to find the creator within us. There is a power within us that is capable of creating worlds without end. We are children of God. We have the same power he does. There is a deep humility that arises within us when we find this part of ourselves. It is beautiful awakening of our truth.
6.Expect the Unexpected- My dreams always come when I don’t expect it. This is what  makes the journey of creating so exciting and fun! I love it!
7.Accept the Gift with Gratitude- Everything is a gift from God. You created and manifested your goal or dream through the power of God. The power of God that is in you and the power of God Heavenly Father shared with you to create and manifest your dreams. Each time I receive the gift of a dream coming true, my heart opens wider to receive God’s love for me. From the simplest desire to the biggest desire I praise God for his hand in my life.

Walking in the Redwoods with my granddaughter is a dream come true I will cherish forever. I didn’t know I was going to California until I few days before the trip. My life was extremely busy and I had worked 72 hours a week reaching a goal for a career change I decided to make. My anxiety was high, I was exhausted, and my life was in transition.  I got a call from a family member who was taking a trip to California  to see some ill family members.They wanted to stop in Idaho to see me along the way. Their car wasn’t in the best condition to take a long trip.The next thing I knew I offered them use of my car to finish the trip and I was on a road trip with them to the California Redwoods. This was actually NOT the best time to take a road trip, however when what you want shows up, you take it!! Things don’t always show up exactly how you imagine, but they do show up in mysterious ways.It was a great bonding time for me and my granddaughter. The healing that occurred after one day on the beach and in the Redwoods did more for me than anything else I did all year. Even though it was a short trip the experience is something I will hold onto forever. It wasn’t just another item off my vision board. It was a dream come true!

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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Secrets to Manifesting


One afternoon I was sitting quietly for a moment listening carefully for inspiration for my life. I wanted to hear something that would guide me to the next step for my life. I have desires I want to manifest that I know would be essential for my spiritual growth. I asked God to reveal ways I may be blocking myself to receive blessings from him. Limiting beliefs came into my awareness and I released all negative thoughts. I heard God’s voice clearly. His words of love, comfort, and truth opened the door to receive blessings I desired. I then felt something so powerful come over me that my heart swelled with humility and gratitude. I have discovered truths that have helped me manifest the desires in my soul. I desire to share them with you.

  1. Knowledge of Who You Are. You have to know you are a powerful creator. Through this knowledge, you will be able to manifest what you desire. Manifesting your desires helps you to embrace your God Characteristics. Being a creator requires you to give up being a victim of circumstance and blaming others for why you don’t have what you want. When we align ourselves with God’s will, we draw upon his power, the power of angels, and divine love to create from our free will. Desires from our soul are selfless, pure, joyful, peaceful, loving, expressions of our spirit. When that expression of spirit is manifest, we are manifesting the glory of God within us.
  2. Detach From the Outcome. Set the intention with faith, have no doubt, and let it go. Believe with your whole body. Begin with your thoughts, allow yourself to feel it in your heart, and embrace it completely in your body as though it has already happened. When we detach from the outcome, we don’t have to figure out how, why, or when it will manifest. It is a state of knowing it will happen in the perfect time for the highest spiritual growth of everyone involved. Let go of how you think it is going to look and you will open the door to receive it. When you FEEL something is possible and you allow the energy to be FREE of the outcome, it manifests quickly.
  3. Let Go of Limiting Beliefs. Get out of your own way. Become aware of your self-talk and release negative thoughts that limit you. The universe is always working to support you to become all that you can become. When you do not resist this process, you open the windows of heaven to enlighten your mind and support your soul’s desires.
  4. Ask a Question. Begin your day with questions and allow the universe to unfold the answers. Here are some examples: How can I help someone in need today? What can I do to make someone feel loved and supported? How can I be open to the miracles of today? How can I show my love to others? Asking the questions allows you to give up HOW the desire is going to happen. It also allows an opportunity to trust God and the universe. We become open vessels for God to manifest through us.
  5. Rejoice in The Blessings of Others. Feeling joy when others receive what they desire creates a ripple effect in our own life. We receive the same joy they have, if we open our heart to it. Celebrating other’s success dissolves feelings of envy or jealousy. There is enough for everyone. There are blessings JUST for you. It is God’s way of saying I am here, I hear you, and this is a blessing just for you, from me.
  6. Make Someone’s Dream Come True. When we can become answers to another’s prayer or support their dreams to come true we will receive gifts from God in miraculous ways. Sometimes we receive our desires when we support others in receiving theirs. The true gift of manifesting is giving and receiving through divine love.
  7. Gratitude.Lifting our heart in gratitude to our creator is the greatest power we have in manifesting our desires. We are in the glory of God when we express gratitude in all things. The light and glory of our spirit shines bright and lights the path to receive more.

Embracing our God-like qualities to become a creator of our life is our divine purpose. We take steps in this process by letting go of our negative beliefs, embracing our power to create, and supporting others and ourselves with love. It takes practice so be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey.

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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It is ALL Good

Yesterday my daughter and I went for a two hour walk. During that time I was sharing that everything has a positive outcome. Even if you make a mistake somehow the universe will turn it into a positive experience for your soul’s growth.   I have realized over the years that it is impossible for good not to come! It always does! There are always blessings that come from every experience.  I have no more judgments of bad or good experiences because what seemed to be bad always turned out good. There is the constant force of light moving us forward to grow spiritually to evolve and embrace our divine nature. I have experienced a powerful loving energy that supports me to expand into Christ consciousness when I live in gratitude for every experience. When you make a conscious choice to see the positive in every situation, there is a miracle that awaits you, if you will listen to spirit and be aware.

When you change your focus to the positive in your life,  inspiration, solutions, truth, and understanding comes. There is good in all things.  Doors of opportunity are open even when you can’t see them. Love, abundance, peace, and joy is available the moment you are willing to stop resisting and accept it.

There is immeasurable value for you and your experiences. It is for your growth and the growth of everyone around you. BE THE ONE who will choose to see the good in everyone and everything. We are all connected and we touch each other’s lives whether we are aware or not. When we support ourselves and each other with positive thoughts and words, our souls are nurtured.

The universe is always, always, always, moving us, guiding us, and supporting us to see the Divine in all things.  It is all around us. It is in us! It is our soul’s purpose to receive good, to learn from good, to remember we are good. All is good. All is God. Opposition is the big illusion! When you face the opposition and focus on the good, the opposition loses power.  The miracle of peace comes and spirit can move freely to guide you in the direction of your highest good. Surrendering to the spirit of God without resisting or attempting to control, opens the door to the peace within. It’s your choice to get discouraged or pulled down from opposition or rise up and rejoice in your blessings. What will you choose today?

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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Prayer of Healing

Prayer of Healing

May those with poor health,

be guided to that which would heal them

and bring them back to balance.

May those that feel alone,

remember their connection to God

and be free from the illusion of separation.

May those that are addicted to anger,

have the courage to face their fears and be free.

May those that feel heartache,

allow the love of God to comfort, lift,

and heal them into wholeness.

May those who feel sadness,

awaken to the joy within.

May those that feel anxiety,

find the stillness of peace in their soul.

May those that live in fear,

discover the power of their light.

~Johnna Andrea Tuttle

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