Time to Unplug

Ten days ago I experienced a life changing event. My life started on a completely different path. As I was reflecting on the new direction my life had took I had no desire to be on the internet or engage in social media. The change brought many feelings to the surface. My time was focused on processing all emotions that came up so I could move through the major life change easily.
I am very sensitive to the energies, thoughts,and emotions of others and as well as my own. Being a spiritually gifted healer I can get overwhelmed or over stimulated if I am not grounded. This is the main reason spending time in nature is very healing and grounding for me. The healing process my body and spirit went through as a result of the change was a natural surrender to the flow of how God was guiding my life. I had no desire to connect to the internet and all social media networks. I logged out of all social media on my phone. The majority of my engagement on the internet and social media is used as a vehicle in which I share my message and connect with those who I desire to serve. Through many years of working with others I know I DON’T NEED it! People who want to work with me WILL FIND ME! That is the beauty of  God connecting me with those who need life transformation. Likewise, I have connected with people I wouldn’t otherwise through the internet. I know both are important and not to be dependent on either one. Instead trust that divinity is always working to bring the right people at the right time in my life to serve and support.

What I want to share with you today is the transformation I had when I unplugged from the internet and social media for just 9 days!

Here are some of the things I experienced from my internet detox:
1. A safe healing space for my body, mind, and spirit to process the emotions triggered by the change in my life. The benefit was processing emotions as they surface. This was very healing and transforming.

Suppressing,repressing,avoiding,and distracting ourselves from emotions is an unhealthy way to cope with life’s challenges. It ends up causing more pain and suffering in the future. Being aware and true to our feelings in the moment allows us to be healed and wholeness is restored.

2. Freedom from distractions.Social media is a distraction! Even though my use of social media is used in a POSITIVE way it is still a distraction for my mind and spirit. When I unplugged from social media I no longer had thoughts of what was running through my Facebook news feed everyday. WHAT WE READ DOES AFFECT OUR MIND!!!!!! I didn’t know that energy had an affect on my mind until I stopped it.
The benefit was I could easily stay in-tune with my emotions, my thoughts, and my spirit to receive guidance when I was not distracted from checking my social media apps on my phone.Was I in tune with my emotions, my thoughts, and spirit when I was connected to internet and social media? Yes,of course, however, I felt a DEEPER connection to my spirit,and an increased AWARENESS of Divinity working miracles in my life when I UNPLUGGED from internet and social media. The only thoughts I needed to pay attention to was my own so I could figure out the next steps to take for my life.
Even though I enjoy sharing on Facebook, my spirit needed a break from the internet. That is why I am writing to you today. I have not felt inspired to write for several months. My job required me to be on an Ipad all day. I was also connected to internet and social media through my phone daily. I was overloaded with technology at my fingertips.Now that I have unplugged from the internet I have the desire and inspiration to write again and create new workshops to support others.
3.My divine path became CLEAR! Our path in life is not always clear. Part of the journey of life is to get through things with faith and trust. There will be moments when the direction of our lives is not clear and that is okay. When my divine path becomes clear productivity and passion for my purpose increases! I accomplish so much in a short time. When I have clarity I create a CD, book, workshop, write in my blog, support more people in transformation, enjoy fun activities with my family, and LOVE every minute of my life. I am living an abundant life through simplicity and gratitude.

The Internet is a great blessing to humanity in many ways! Learning moderation and balance with all good things is essential. Life is a constant balancing act. We are here to learn self mastery.
Are you in balance with your use of the internet and social media? What would happen to your life if you took a short break from the internet and social media?

My recommendations would be to keep internet to a minimum.  When you do a body cleanse,unplug completely from internet as well.My challenge for you is to do it! Make a commitment to unplug for a week or 10 days and see what happens. I hope you will share the benefits with me when you do.

Love and light,
Johnna Andrea Tuttle

Copyright © August 11,2016, Andrea’s Wellness Center, All rights reserved

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