Seasons of Self Reflection

I love the colors of Autumn and the changes that come as I move through another season of my life. Autumn is a good time to reflect on where you are and where you are headed. Life doesn’t always go as planned, however, when we are open to the daily miracles in our life we realize we are part of a divine plan.

As the season comes I invite you to take time for some self reflection. Write down some positive experiences you had over the summer. As you acknowledge the good in your life allow your whole body to accept the strength your spirit gained through your experiences. You might of had some challenges to go through or enjoyed summer vacations. Whatever the experience is there was a gift for your spirit to receive.Take some time to discover those gifts.

Autumn is also a good time to do a body cleanse to prepare for the winter months. It is a great time to make fresh juice a part of your daily intake of nutrients. If you don’t have a juicer, I suggest you invest in one. It will be one of the greatest investments you could make for your health. You can buy a good one for under $100.00.  Some great vegetables and fruits to juice are cucumber, celery, carrots, apples,and ginger.Experiment with different fruits and vegetables to see what you enjoy best.

Whatever the season brings into your life I hope you receive it with open arms. Everything is a gift from God for our learning and soul’s growth. Know you are loved beyond measure. The angels are there to support and guide you on your path. Your path is perfect for you. Let go of any judgments you have of yourself and others. Every step you take on earth is a gift. You are a gift to this world! Remember who you are and share the light you are. Your presence is needed in this world!
May you enjoy the amazing colors of Autumn and may you feel the warmth of God in your heart.

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

Copyright © September 2, 2016, Andrea’s Wellness Center, All rights reserved

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