I am God’s Purpose

Do you question what your purpose is on this earth? Do you feel overwhelmed or get disappointment when things don’t go as planned? Do you wonder if you are doing enough to make a difference?  I feel as though everyone has pondered some of these questions sometime in their lives. Our emotions are often signals for getting our attention to discover some truth about ourselves and our purpose.

One day I woke feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with my life. The disappointment was so heavy I felt as though it was years of hurt that had built up. I began to pray to my Heavenly Father to help me heal through his love, from these negative emotions. I became still so I could listen and become more aware of what my body was experiencing in the moment. The emotions that surfaced were feeling lost in my career and my purpose.Things I used to feel passionate about no longer motivated me. I have questioned my purpose, my career, and how to use my gifts to make a difference in the world. I began to reflect on the disappointments I had experienced and realized I needed to release any energies that still lingered around my spirit so I could become completely free, happy, and aligned with my purpose.

When emotions build up without a healthy release to is harmful to our well- being. That is why it is so important to take time everyday to acknowledge the emotions that surface from our experiences. Emotions that are not resolved can have negative effects on our mind, body, and spirit. It makes it difficult for love, light, truth, inspiration, and revelation to be given and received. It is essential to our well-being to process them in a healthy way.  I use visualization and prayer to help me release negative emotions and stay aligned with my purpose. The visualization that helps me the most is when I visualize myself in front of my Heavenly Father. Here is an example:

I prayed for my Heavenly Father to melt away all of the emotions that were surfacing  so I could see clearly. I knew if I could feel his love abundantly I would be able to feel whole again and aligned with my purpose. I wanted to feel the softness of my loving heart instead of the shell of hurt and disappointment that was lingering over my heart. I began to visualize myself in front of my Heavenly Father. The more I communicated my TRUE feelings to my Heavenly Father, the more I felt his love melt away all the disappointment and judgments I was carrying about my life. I began to see my eternal self which gave me a new perspective on life. All negative emotions and negative energy disappeared when I could continue to hold the vision of my eternal self. The Heavens opened with a vision of my Heavenly Father holding me close, with my head on his chest, and wiping away the shell of disappointment and hurt that was lingering around my spirit. He whispered to me” I see things in you that you do not see in yourself . You are my instrument even when you are not aware that you are. You have an eternal destiny. Open your eyes to where you are in this moment of eternity.”

I looked and saw my eternal self in that moment of eternity. Whatever judgments I had of myself or my life situation disappeared. I could comprehend my earth experience with clarity and peace. I could feel the light and power of the atonement clear away any darkness that afflicted my mind, body, and spirit. Through this visualization I realized that my Heavenly Father can see all things that afflict me. I could understand that there is more for me to discover about the truth of my divinity. I felt myself relax into the acceptance of my life experience on the earth. I felt more open to enjoy whatever comes. I began to FEEL like my eternal self again. The shell of hardships had melted away and my spirit felt free again. With the eyes of the spirit I saw the eternal mother that I am. It is the strongest light that radiates from my soul, not just because I have children, but because I give life!

This experience gave a renewed perspective on life. I began to reflect on how driven we become to LIVE OUR PURPOSE! We have to find our purpose. We have to live with purpose and passion. We are programmed in the healing, mentoring, and coaching communities that the purpose of life is to find your purpose, live your purpose, and help others do the same. When things didn’t go as “planned” sometimes I felt lost, confused, and wondered if I was really living my purpose. The key to having success with living your purpose is the ability to see glimpses of the eternal self. All the “things” we are suppose to do to live our purpose is not truly living our purpose. Of course our desires, actions, and works of service to make a difference in the world have immeasurable value, however, if you do not get glimpses of your eternal self , it is coming from the ego or some part of you that feels like you will never be good enough. We become doers and not BEINGS. It is finding balance in both that allows me to feel whole. I realized that understanding our purpose comes to us in layers. Deep self reflection allows us to remember our eternal self so we can get in touch with that part of who we really are. The words I share with you today are one of the  layers of my understanding in this moment in time.

There are two experiences that helped me gain a better understanding of my eternal self. The first one is where I am hidden from the world guided to  the most peculiar and unusual places to serve others or share a message of love. Sometimes I would be led to people without knowing why, however, I would experience how much love Heavenly Father had for the ONE person I was there for. For example, this week I helped a woman in a wheelchair mend her garment, hang a shelf, and organize her craft room. It took me 30 seconds to mend her garment and I thought to myself there is nothing too small  that can be done  to make a difference.This experience is humbling and rewarding. The other experience is when Heavenly Father puts me in the spotlight before the world to share a message. For example, radio interviews, speaking,blogs, social media,newsletters,and writing  books. For example, this week I am sharing an experience I had through this blog, my newsletter, and social media.This experience is also humbling to see where I’m guided to share a message that will reach many.

I have often pondered the importance of both experiences. Am I successful in living my purpose by helping many at once or one by one? I chose to detach myself from both “experiences”. I am free from ego when I am detached from my life experiences. What I mean from detached is not allowing the experience to define me but refine me. It allows me to be free to be an instrument of God. I am free to go where I am guided whenever God opens the door to opportunity. I no longer have to wonder if I am “living my purpose”. I don’t have to suffer the disappointment wondering if I am doing enough, because I am enough. All the confusion about what path to take, am I on the right path, did I take the wrong path? is gone. I no longer need to find my purpose or wonder if I am “living my purpose.” I AM GOD’S PURPOSE. I can see my eternal self, can you?

Love and light,

Johnna Andrea Tuttle

Copyright ©   May 22,2016, Andrea’s Wellness Center, All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “I am God’s Purpose

  1. Beautiful! I remember when I was not following my life’s purpose. I was so overwhelmed, sad and confused in a job I hated. Now that I’m following my life’s purpose as an artist I feel more connected with myself, and a great joy inside. Have a great day! 😀


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