Are You Quick to Judge?

Every morning I enjoy walking in the canyon. Watching the sunrise helps to clear my mind and be open to divine guidance.One morning I decided to walk on the rim of the canyon instead of walking down into the canyon. There was about 30 birds flying along the pathway on top of the canyon rim. I was in awe of these magnificent birds and how graceful they flew in the sky. I was very curious what type of bird it was. I have seen ravens, crows,eagles, and many other small birds on my hikes.This was a  bird I had never seen before and was trying my best to figure it out by observing the bird. As I walked along the rim of the canyon all the birds where lined up one by one on the edge of the canyon.  Each bird would gracefully fly away as I approached them. I studied every movement they made. I even said a small prayer  asking God to keep one of the birds still so I could observe it more closely. The next bird on the rim of the canyon did not fly when I approached.( Wow! That was a quick answer to prayer!) There was something magical that occurred between the bird and me in that moment. Seeing the bird in it’s full measure of creation was so uplifting to my spirit.

When I got home the spirit I felt still lingered. My encounter with the bird was majestic and I wanted to learn more about this bird.I began researching birds and was shocked when I found out what it was!!!
It was a BIG lesson not to judge!!! Had I known what the bird was before observing it I don’t know if I would have been open to the spiritual experience it offered me. How many times in life have you made a judgement without really understanding someone or something? I know by experience you can’t accept what someone, something, or some life experience has to offer you, if you are too busy judging it.

Here is what I learned about this majestic animal.

It is symbolic of soulful cleansing, reaching a higher spiritual place, overcoming obstacles that we may encounter when trying to fly, but then soaring like an eagle when we get off the ground.

It cleanses the world bit by bit, day by day, offering itself in service, being peaceful and nonaggressive.

It is often considered less than desirable by society.

It cleans the environment and atmosphere by eating decaying animals. It purifies everything it eats and it’s feces has absolutely NO BACTERIA!

It never harms to survive.

Have you guessed what bird it is?????

I saw a turkey vulture! Wow ! I was shocked!!!! The media and society taught me to fear this beautiful animal. I began to ponder on how judgments stop us from learning and being open to something wonderful. Since that morning I have walked the canyon rim more often to spend time with the vultures. The more time I spend watching them and their purpose to be of service, clean the environment, and fly in it’s glory, the more I connect to my purpose and desire to serve. I believe nature and animals can be a mirror for us to learn more about ourselves and open up to the deeper meaning of life here on earth. I love learning about the animals that cross my path because it reminds my soul to how GREAT GOD IS!

I hope you will recognized when you are judging someone or something to stop and ponder on what is available for you to learn. Judgment creates a wall of fear, misunderstanding, and limitations in learning.

Three steps to break through judgments are:

1. Write down what judgments you are holding about yourself and others. Take time to recognize how those judgments make you feel. Write down those feelings as well. Discard the paper.
2. Take time to self reflect on how those judgments are limiting you. For example, ask yourself how much love, joy, and success you are allowing in your life because of those judgments? How much more love, joy, and success could you allow in your life if you were free from those judgments?  Are you ready to let them go?
3. Take a new piece of paper and write down the truth you discovered. You can create affirmation statements and say them out loud often.

Learning to let go of judgment is an ongoing journey When you recognize that you are in judgment, let it go and see how empowered and free you feel.

Love and light,
Johnna Andrea Tuttle

Copyright © September 11,2016, Andrea’s Wellness Center, All rights reserved

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